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  • Bridgewater Lakes

    If you return along Blowholes Rd and Bridgewater Rd you will come to a turnoff on the left into Bridgewater Lakes Rd which heads north to the freshwater lakes, located just inland from Descartes Bay. Coastal lagoons separated from the sea by sand dunes, they are sheltered and well-suited to picnics, swimming, waterskiing, fishing, canoeing and boating.

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    There is a boat ramp at the Aquatic Club. Opposite the entrance to Bridgewater Lakes are limestone caves which provide an excellent viewing area across Discovery Bay. Cars can be parked in the Lakes car park from whence an easy-going walking track leads to Discovery Bay.

    Bridgewater Lakes Rd loops back eastward, becoming Heath Rd which rejoins the Portland-Nelson Rd just to the north-west of Portland.


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